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Rock Run Grist Mill

Built in 1794 by John Stump, this mill was completely refurbished in the late 1800's. The mill is still operational and welcomes visitors on the weekends.

Rock Run Grist Mill

The Rock Run Mill was built in 1794 by John Stump, a prosperous business man who owned several mills in Harford, Cecil, and Baltimore Counties.
Susquehanna State Park Following John Stump's death, the mill passed into the Archer family by way of Stump's daughter Ann who married Dr. John Archer Jr.
The original Fitz Water Wheel was installed in 1900. Thirty-two feet in diameter, two and one half feet wide with eighty-four buckets, it weighs about 12 tons.
During its operation, the mill served as a center of activity for the community, providing and excellent place for the local post office.
.If you are interested in finding out about more old mills, visit the The Society for the Preservation of Old Mills at SPOOM.
Phone - Located on Rock Run Road off of Stafford Road.

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