Off the Beaten Path

A Variety of Very Interesting Websites

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  1. African American History Month - Valuable site for information about African Americans.
  2. American Colonies & Colonial Life - Everything you ever wanted to know about the America Colonies.
  3. Amusement Park Consumer's Guide to Safety - Read about the safety for your child and the Florida Theme Park Exemption at
  4. Amusement Ride Accident Reports - More than you wanted to know about Amusement Ride Accidents.
  5. Ancestors? - Find your ancestors at
  6. Animal Disease Center - Check out Plum Island about foot-and-mouth disease.
  7. Ask Jeeves - The famous British Butler knows the answer to your questions.
  8. Bureau of Engraving & Printing - See how the MoneyFactory makes our currency.
  9. Civil War Sites in Maryland - The crossroads of the Civil War was in Western Maryland. Check it out.
  10. Congress - Want to write your Representative or Senator? Check out The U.S. Congress
  11. Crayola - The home to the world famous Binney & Smith Crayons.
  12. Fifty States - Find information about all of the 50 States.
  13. Glass Insulators - How about collecting Glass Insulators with your kids.
  14. Graves - Want to check our where a famous person is interned, then check out FindaGrave.
  15. Gymnastics on line - Is a site where you can keep up with your favorite Gymnast.
  16. Hershey Park - See how they built the new roller coaster at Hershey Park.
  17. High Points - Check out America's Roof at this site.
  18. How Stuff Works- Have you every worndered how a cell phone works or what causes a hurricane? Check out How Stuff Works.
  19. Hurricanes - Follow the latest Hurricanes with information from the National Hurricane Center.
  20. Legos - What can you build with Legos?
  21. Lionel Trains - Bring back those memories of Lionel Trains.
  22. Map Quest - Look up any Map in the USA.
  23. Mars Pathfinder Mission - Follow the steps of Pathfinder on the red planet.
  24. Mount Washington Observatory - Visit Mount Washington, New Hampshire home of the World's Worst Weather.
  25. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration - Visit Safety City with Vince & Larry the Dummies.
  26. National Museum of Civil War Medicine- Just a short drive to a new national park in Fredrick, Maryland.
  27. National Park Service - Visit your favorite National Park.
  28. Nine Planets - Find out information about the Nine Planets.
  29. Old and Forgotten Aumsement Parts - Find about the old amusement park your grandfather went to at Defunct Parks.
  30. Radio Days - Listen to those old time radio heroes your grandfather listened to on his radio. Check out Radio Days.
  31. U.S. Air Force Museum - Excellent information about U.S. Air Power.
  32. United States Congress - Want to write your Representative or Senator? Check out The U.S. Congress.
  33. U.S. Mint - Check out the new quarters and the new dollar at the U.S. Mint.
  34. United States Navy - Visit the official site of the U.S. Navy and keep up with the latest ship movements around the world.
  35. Weather Plane - Create your own Weather Plane.
  36. White House - Write a letter to the president at the White House.

3D - Three Dimensional Images

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3D image of the planet Mars

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