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Northern Central RR Trail

The Northern Central Railroad Trail runs from Ashland (near Cockeysville) to Hanover Junction, Pennsylvania.

Northern Central RR Trail

For 134 years, from 1838 to 1972, the Northern Central Railroad connected Baltimore with York , Pennsylvannia, encouraging the growth of small towns.
Gunpowder Falls State Park During the Civil War, hundreds of Union soldiers were transported south on the railroad. Abraham Lincoln traveled on the Northern Central on his way to deliver his famous Gettysburg Address, and later his body would be transported to Harrisburg via this railroad.The trail is over 19 miles long and runs from Ashland to the Maryland State Line.
For More information about the trail, check out The Northern Central Railroad Trail.

Old signal along the trail.

Phone - 410-592-2897 Parking for the trail can be located in Baltimore County at Phoenix, Sparks, Monkton, White Hall, Freeland, and other sites.

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