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A great place to visit with your family.

Georgia's Dinette

at 7th Street on historic Route 66

Take a sentimental journey back in time

 This 40's styled dinette is located on historic Rt. 66 in Joplin, Missouri.
 If you would like to go back in time, and experience what it was like during WWII, this is the place to be.

 The food is excellent and very reasonably priced.
 Watch the excitement of your children as they enjoy desserts in old fashioned glassware.

 This is a must stop on a visit to the Midwest.
 Sandwiches - Soups - Salads - Desserts
 Phone 417-624-3700 ---- Fax 417-624-8783

Route 66

Check out the National Historic Route 66 Federation
 Route 66 from Chicago, Illinois to Santa Monica, California was built under several federal aid highway acts becoming one of the largest public works projects in history. Route 66 (a modern road system) opened up portions of America not previously accessible by car. It helped to create a redistribution of America's population during the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl years as people moved west to make real their dreams. This migration to the west was captured by John Steinbeck in his classic story, "The Grapes of Wrath". Later Route 66 would find glamour through the long-running 1960's television series, "Route 66" and the popular song, "Get Your Kicks on Route 66".
 The construction of Interstate 44 led to the eventual decommissioning of Route 66. Portions of this historic highway are still preserved and can be distinguished by the brown Historic Route 66 signs.

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July 20, 2000